Cohen Sales Bootcamp

2-day custom sales training program

This is a highly dynamic and actionable workshop that will give you or your team the tools needed to close more sales.
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Cohen sales Academy

Cohen Sales Academy

Monthly 1:1 sales coaching plus custom sales training videos

Choose from one of the three levels and get instant access to a professional sales coach as well as customised sales training videos. Choose the package that suits you and/or your team and start closing more sales.
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Cohen sales Academy

Cohen Sales Onboarding

Tailored sales induction program

We design your sales onboarding program so your new sales people hit the ground running and train you or your managers to perform powerful sales coaching.
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Cohen sales Academy


“Noah is truly an expert. He is able to train salespeople with enthusiasm and engagement, building skills in a structured and enjoyable way. Thoroughly recommended.”

Peter Hooker

“I just wish I'd hired Noah from day one in the business. He's not just personable a, he's incredibly intuitive and insightful about our business challenges. I thoroughly recommend Noah to anyone wishing to grow their business.”

Christine Kininmonth

“Noah will give you easy to implement sales strategies and techniques to explode your sales. He has a deep understanding of sales and will get you results.”

Jason titus

“Working alongside Noah one on one has been one of the highlights of my career to date. Never pass up an interaction with NC and what he can bring to your business and it’s employees. Learning & Development, Culture & Values ... you will want to absorb as much from Noah as a sponge will hold”

Renee Whiteman

“I started at Employsure as a sales grad. Within that time with Noah’s training efforts I was able to hit bonus on my first quarter and my results are growing continuously. I recommend Noah’s expertise as he has helped me massively throughout the start of my sales career”

Callum Molloy

“I was trained by Noah directly, his sales knowledge and being able to incorporate his critical think towards his training are unparalleled. He taught me how to be confident in my sales approach and how to change my way of thinking when encountering problems”

David Jackson

“Noah taught me to be more confident not just in sales but in life. If you're in sales, you have to work with him”

Pascoe Nguyen

“Noah Cohen is one of the best Sales trainers and coaches I have come across. He trained us to be high achievers and made KPI's seem like they were just the minimum requirements, especially in a fast paced sales environment, He has trained us to be exceptional leaders with skills in leadership, communication and relationship building skills; He brings out the warrior in us. Those who fully engage in his sessions become excellent problem solvers and objection handling becomes nothing but a walk in the park. ”

Deng Yak

“I was fortunate enough to be trained by Noah Cohen. Noah is very personable and taught me great skills particularly around objection handling the mindset behind sales. I definitely saw massive results in my numbers and comms.”

Brent Johnston

“Noah was able to understand what I needed to do in order to hit the ground running and implement specific strategies to grow my sales pipeline and grow my income. Noah is extremely passionate about sales and coaching others in a structured and effective way. His sales methods are creative and innovative, and they work. I definitely recommend Noah Cohen and Cohen Training Institute to any individual or business who wants to grow their sales or go to the next level.”

Steven Hassanof