Learn a modern sales methodology that puts the customer's needs and goals first.


    Learn powerful questioning techniques, active listening, uncovering customers' buying criteria, overcoming customer concerns, closing the deal, and much more.


    Learn how to prioritise and execute high impact tasks.


The best salespeople are constantly learning and iterating their processes. There are always new techniques, new objectives, another competitor entering the market, and more that you must be ready for. This course works to level up your skills so that you can be successful.
Cohen Sales Academy

Professional Selling

Learn to sell effectively and ethically.

Some people we've coached

Businesses & individuals

“I just wish I'd hired Cohen Sales Academy and Noah's training from day one in the business. He's not just personable and a delight to have on our team, he's incredibly intuitive and insightful about our business challenges. I can thoroughly recommend Noah to anyone wishing to grow their business.”

Managing Director

Christine Kinninmonth

“I was new to sales when I received two weeks of Noah’s training and by the end of it I felt confident on the phone and ready to handle any situation. Coming fresh from an educational environment, I have been exposed to a lot of formal training and I find Noah’s teaching methods to be very clear and effective. Thank you Noah for introducing me to the world of sales and for helping me develop myself professionally and personally.”

Outbound Lead Gen - Sales Rep

Alexander Tripolone

“Noah Cohen knows and understands what it takes to grow sales. He is able to structure an approach to growing your sales pipeline. Noah showed us a very effective and easy-to-adopt methods when it came to prospecting and appointment setting. Also Noah walked us through a very unique sales process that just makes sense after seeing it. I recommend Noah Cohen and Cohen Sales Academy to any business or individual who wants to skill up their sales force or grow their income.”

Commercial Manager

Wade Ebrihimi

“I started at Employsure as a grad. Within that time with Noah’s training efforts I was able to hit bonus on my first quarter and my results are growing continuously. I recommend Noah’s expertise as he has helped me massively throughout my time at Employsure!”

Client Retention Lead

Callam Molloy

“Noah's coaching abilities are fantastic and he's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and make sales himself. He's an asset to any sales team as a trainer.”

Bright Manager (SaaS)

David McMurchy

“Truly an expert salesperson and communicator. More than that, Cohen Sales Academy is able to train salespeople with enthusiasm and engagement, building skills in a structured and enjoyable way. It is an adaptable and effective approach to changing circumstances. We have seen significant and measurable sales benefits from working with Cohen Sales Academy and Noah Cohen's ongoing mentoring. Thoroughly recommended!”

Managing Director

Peter Hooker